Secret revealed: Mediamax videos all about story telling

Mediamax Aerial video: Steve Sandifer and Dale Honning

A while back, I previewed a top secret project we were working on. The Mediamax video crew, I reported, had been spotted in Willow Springs doing something new.

Steve Sandifer with TLC Brokers was there. Pan the camera in a little closer and there’s Dale Honning, our certified aerial photography specialist.  Dale has gotten some gear out of his car – a video monitor mounted on a tripod, a controller and – oh, cool! – a remote-controlled quadcopter.

Dale and Steve talk about the job at hand. Then, Dale flips the switch. The quadcopter whirrs to life and,

“Wow, that is great!” says Steve as the quadcopter lifts off and soars into the air.

And the Mediamax crew caught it all on camera. Watch the video here.

That day, we set out to do a couple of things. One – make a video about Mediamax aerial photography and video services. Two – and even more importantly – demonstrate the power of story-telling video.

We’ve been offering video services for several years now. But the real news here, the “something new” we’re so excited to show you, is all about how we tell your story.

Forget talking heads. Never mind somebody staring stiffly into the camera. At Mediamax, we’re making videos that capture your story in the moment – with people talking, moving, interacting, behaving naturally. Mediamax videos aren’t scripted or canned. By emphasizing story-telling techniques, we make videos your clients will actually want to watch.

Here’s something else to know about Mediamax videos – we shoot them in a half day or less. We deliver them about 5 working days after the shoot. Not months. Not weeks.  About 5 working days.

No one else in Colorado offers you video like this. No one else understands how important quick turnaround is. We’ve got video packages. Or, if you need custom video, we do that too.

Learn more about Mediamax video services. Or click here to have our Supervising Producer Emily Langner call you for a consultation.