How to Make Your Obeo Tour a Youtube Video

How to Make Your Obeo Tour a Youtube Video

YouTube is by far the most viewed site on the Internet. I recommend you always convert your Obeo Homesite Tour into a YouTube video to boost your listings’ search results.  

Sound technical? No. It’s easy! Just watch this helpful video.

Or, use these step-by-step instructions:

First, log in to your member’s area on Obeo:

1)      Go to Manage Virtual Tours and select a property

2)      Select Edit Tour Details

3)      Click Go arrow

4)      Make sure all property details are correct

5)      Click Descriptions tab and confirm headline and description are correct. NOTE: You’ll be using this information to tag the video for YouTube and this is what makes the video searchable.

6)      Click Audio/Music tab and select a track

7)      Click Update and click OK to confirm

8)      Click Video tab

9)      Check all 4 boxes under the Generate Obeo Video heading

10)   Click Create Video button. NOTE: It takes 1-2 hours for the system to process your video and for it to appear on YouTube.

To confirm that your video has successfully been uploaded to YouTube, go to your tour

1)      Click the Video icon.

2)      Click “View on YouTube.” NOTE: You can also click “Download MPEG-4 Video File” and save a copy to put on your smartphone, tablet or other device to show to clients.

Once on YouTube, view the video. You’ll also see the information you tagged earlier – headline, description, zip code, your name, city, state, etc., all of which buyers can search for in Google et al.

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