How to Embed an Obeo eFlyer in a Craigslist Ad

How to Embed an Obeo eFlyer in Craigslist

Looking for a way to improve results of your Craigslist ads? Here’s an easy, time-saving way to give them a professional look – with Obeo eFlyers. All the links in the eFlyer are live and take the viewer to your Obeo tour. They also generate hits from Craigslist on your Obeo traffic report.

Start adding eFlyers to your Craigslist ads today. Watch my short video or use the step-by-step instructions below:

A)     In Obeo, go to your Member’s Area and under “Manage Virtual Tours” :

  • Step 1: Select property from your Active Tours
  • Step 2: Select Email Flyer
  • Click Go button

B)      Under “Embed an Obeo eFlyer” on right:

  • Click Select HTML button
  • Right click anywhere on the selected text
  • Click Copy from drop-down menu
  • Click on “craigslist” posting link

C)      In Craigslist,

  • Login into your account
  • Fill in the form with price, number of bedrooms, title, location as you normally would
  • Under Posting Description:
    • Right click the area
    • Click Paste from dropdown menu to paste the HTML code
  • Finish filling in the rest of the form
  • Click Continue and publish your ad

Have questions about how to get the most out of Obeo? Contact me anytime and I’d be happy to answer your questions in future posts.