How to Email an Obeo Tour Using eFlyers

How to Email Your Obeo Tour as an eFlyer

Want to get more mileage out of your Obeo Homesite Tour? Wish there was a way you could send information about your tours with a simple email? It’s quick and easy with Obeo eFlyers. Announce a new listing. Send a tour to prospective buyers. You name it. Watch this video or use the step-by-step instructions below:

1)      Go to your Member’s Area in

2)      Under Manage Virtual Tours section,

  • Select the property (Step 1)
  • Under Select Action, choose Email Flyer from the drop-down list (Step 2)
  • Hit the GO button (Step 3)

3)      Under Select Template, choose the template you want to use (3 formats available). Photos and other information are automatically included in your eflyer once you’ve made your selection.

4)      Edit your eFlyer as needed.

5)      Under Email Information, you’ll see a default subject line. I recommend you write your own subject line – make it catchy or in some way of interest to your recipient(s).

6)      Fill in the recipient email address. This is a “blind cc,” so if you’re sending to more than one recipient they don’t see the other names/addresses. NOTE: for multiple recipients, separate addresses with a semicolon. TIP: prepare your recipient list beforehand and just copy and paste into the box.

7)      You can also type in a recipient message to personalize the email.

8)      Hit the “Submit Email” button and your eflyer will go out in just a few minutes.

Are there questions you have about using Obeo? I’d be happy to try and answer those with a “how to” video in the future. Just leave a comment or click here to drop me a note.