How Steve and Lorri Hose Got Above-and-Beyond Customer Service

Master Photographer Andy Gould was scheduled to shoot a high-end home for Steve and Lorri Hose, broker associates with Your Castle Premier, Lakewood. But when he arrived, the cleaning crew was still at work. The house wasn’t ready.

“It wasn’t like Andy could walk right in and start shooting,” Steve says. But it didn’t phase him. “He just with a very low-key, very calm demeanor said, `Not a problem.’”

Andy helped move boxes and furniture, whatever was needed.

“It was kind of the situation where I felt bad for Andy,” Steve says, “because I know those guys are on short time frames and they’ve got it down for all around town.” But “he was just great. I mean, he was really just amenable to whatever.”

Steve Hose calls it “above-and-beyond customer service” and I heartily agree. At Mediamax, we really do see ourselves as part of your team and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and pitch in.

But Steve says he appreciated Andy for another reason as the shoot progressed.

“I’ve got just enough knowledge in the photography world to be dangerous,” he admits, and was naturally interested to ask Andy about how he was framing shots and such.

“He was very nice not to tell me to, you know, ‘get out of the way and let me do my job.’”

To willingness and patience, let me also add a great memory. Andy had shot for the Hoses just once before, several years ago, and hadn’t met Steve in person. Astoundingly out of the thousands of listings he’s shot since then, Andy remembered the property! I’m not going to promise that kind of recall for every listing, but it tells you our customers aren’t just numbers to us.

If you want “above-and-beyond customer service” with your listing photos, go with the photographers who care. Go with Mediamax.