How do your tours measure up? Obeo helps you track results

Obeo Traffic Reports

“Stats,” says Rachel Schoeder, The Roze Team at The Denver 100. “We love the stats.”

The Roze Team makes full use of the tools provided with their Obeo virtual tours. They send traffic reports to their sellers weekly.

“It lets our sellers know how many people have been looking at their house and where they’re coming from,” she says, and their sellers appreciate the information.

Thanks to Obeo, your traffic reports are always at your fingertips, easy to view and easy to share.

Here’s how to get your traffic reports:

Sign in to your Members Area and scroll down to “Manage Virtual Tours.”

Members area demo 550 px

Under Step 1, select the tour you want to view data on from the drop down list. Under Step 2 “Select Action,” choose “Statistics Report” from the drop down list. Click the GO button.

Manage tours demo 550 px

You’ll now see your tour statistics appear as a table.


Obeo_Statistics_Table demo 550 px

You can scroll down to see a graph of monthly traffic trends for Exterior Main Photo.



You can also scroll down farther to see a pie chart showing Referring Website Traffic.


You can print the results by clicking the PRINT button at the top of the page. Or, email the results by clicking the SEND EMAIL button.


Obeo_Statistics_print demo


Easy, huh? So, the next time you want to know the details behind your tour marketing, visit your Obeo member’s area and dig in.

* * *

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