Elena Abshire: “My seller was ecstatic.” How Mediamax goes the extra mile for you

Elena Abshire: “My seller was ecstatic.” How Mediamax goes the extra mile for you

Everybody promises to “go the extra mile” for their clients. Here’s how our Mediamax team members actually did.

Elena Abshire, CNE and Realtor at Total Concepts Real Estate Services, emailed us on Veteran’s Day to see if we could possibly squeeze her in in a hurry. First, she was surprised to get a response almost immediately from Master Photographer Andy Gould’s assistant (and spouse) Scherry. It was a holiday, after all. But then,

“I was very surprised that they were actually able to schedule something next day.”

To top things off, her seller was chomping at the bit. Could we possibly also turn the photos around super quick?

Again, the answer was yes and, in fact, Andy was able to deliver them ahead of schedule.

“My seller was ecstatic,” Abshire says, and she was “very pleased.” She was able to get the listing online right away.

“You guys are absolutely awesome!” she wrote in an email thanking us for the “gorgeous” photos and for doing such an “outstanding job.”

Okay, maybe we can’t promise this kind of speed for every job but it does show how hard we work to get you high-quality photos when you need them. In fact, we typically deliver your photos 24 hours after the shoot because we know how important timing is to you.

But speedy delivery doesn’t mean we cut corners. Everyone on our crew of 20+ photographers is a pro. They have the experience to get in and get the job done right, so you don’t have to wonder or wait.

This particular home was Abshire’s second deal and her first listing. New to real estate, she has a background in computers and finance. Too often, she says, professionalism is taken for granted and that’s why she went the extra mile to let us know.

“In this time of information and really high-quality information and pictures, it is really important to deliver high-quality content to people,” she says. “I think you guys are doing a great job in reaching that goal.”

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