Do sellers notice when the photos are bad?

Do sellers notice when the photos are bad?

In the rush to get a home on the market, it’s easy to suppose the sellers don’t notice a little thing like bad photos. Right?

But Nancy Donnell-Clarke and her husband Tony certainly did. Their agent had ordered photos from one of our competitors.

“The photos did not turn out well at all,” Nancy says. “We were not happy with them. They had a very orange cast … and we didn’t feel like it put our home in the best light.”

Their friends also noticed. When their friends saw the photos online, they didn’t think they were presenting the home the way it should be, “the way we know it looks,” they told her.

As it happened, it wasn’t just the interior photos that weren’t doing the home justice. The exteriors had problems, too.

“We were asking $625,000 for our home,” Nancy says. The photos needed to show that value online.

Time to call Mediamax. Master Photographer John Koliopoulos was more than up to the task.

“He was extremely pleasant to work with,” Nancy says. “He knew we were in a very bad situation and we needed to get it corrected, and he was very sensitive to that.”

Nancy, who is a professional organizer and staging consultant, also says she liked the way John explained what he was doing and why. “I learned a lot from him,” she says, including tips she could use in her business.

More importantly, “the photos turned out excellent.”

Her friends “were very impressed. They said this is night and day” and confirmed to her that her home looked like it should look online.

The home sold after the first showing.

Do sellers notice when the photos are bad? Sure they do. So do their friends. Don’t take a chance. Order beautiful, professional photos by Mediamax today.

2 Responses to “Do sellers notice when the photos are bad?”

  1. Kyle Murphy says:

    Sellers most definitely notice and so do the agents… I love reading your blogs, thanks!

  2. Mark Schow says:

    Thanks for your feedback Kyle! We’re glad you agree and enjoy reading our blog! We’ll try to continue keeping our article topics interesting and relevant.

    Hey, the funny thing is, that despite the growing trend of hiring a professional photographer for listing photos, less than 50% of all listings going into REColorado have high quality professional photography! Given the importance of listing photos to buyers you would think that at least 90% of listings would have professional photography.