Cheryl Ungar helps Colorado Springs builder up its marketing game

Cheryl Ungar helps Colorado Springs Builder up its marketing game

Does your photographer help you up your marketing game?

Blake Barcus, marketing manager for Saddletree Homes and Chakeshire Real Estate Advisors in Colorado Springs, certainly thinks his does.

Barcus has been working with Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar for about three years. When she left one of our competitors for our stable, he moved with her.

“To have Cheryl give us the best photos – we feel like we have an upper hand,” Barcus says.

Saddletree builds about 40 homes a year in El Paso County, model, semi-custom, custom and spec. The company also handles resales through its Chakeshire brokerage. On average, price points start in the high 600s and climb into the millions.

Here’s a tour Cheryl shot for the company:

“Some people just go and take a picture of a room and hope it’s good,” Barcus notes. But Cheryl’s a professional. “She knows what the consumer is looking for” and he really appreciates her attention to detail.

And details matter, especially when you’re trying to market high-value homes.

She “takes it to the next level,” Barcus says.

Because she does, the company often prints Cheryl’s photos in large format for its sales force and its design center to use – that’s in addition to all the ways they use photos online, of course.

For Barcus, marketing is “100% photography. I mean, we just like to get the photos everywhere” – from Houzz, to the MLS, to their website, you name it.

“People don’t read anymore. It’s all pictures,” he says.

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