Anne Barrington didn’t want boring. So she chose Mediamax Video

Anne Barrington, Berkshire Hathaway, Parker

Anne Barrington, Barrington Group/Berkshire Hathaway in Parker, wanted to do a profile video.

“I was looking for a way to seem `more real,’ and to show clients that my team and I truly care. We really do go above and beyond, and I was hoping to capture that,” she says.

That’s what video and profile video, in particular, does best. It goes beyond just putting a face to a name. It gives you a voice, a personality. It lets you shine through.

“What I didn’t want,” she goes on, “was me talking to the camera BEING BORING and telling the world HOW GREAT I AM!” (Emphasis hers.)

We all know the kind of video she’s talking about – stiff, unnatural, something that might actually subtract personality, instead of communicate it.

We don’t want to do that kind of video either. At Mediamax, we’re on a mission to produce engaging videos that your clients and prospects will actually want to watch. The secret is in our story-telling style. We’ve tossed the script. We capture you in action, interacting with your team, helping your clients, doing what it is you do best.

“If I was going to put my name on a video,” says Barrington, “I wanted it to be extremely professional, high quality, upbeat and fast paced.”

Barrington has posted her video on her Barrington Group Facebook page, team blog, YouTube Channel, her personal YouTube channel and she’s always looking for more innovative ways to put it out there and boost her SEO. She’s even including a link with her email signature.

“The response has been great,” she says. “People that have seen it comment on how professional it is, how it kept their interest and it made them want to learn more about me and our team!”

A woman even stopped her in a coffee shop recently to say she’d seen it.

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