Add our new video to your listing presentation to win new business. It’s free!

Add our new video to your listing presentation to win new business

What’s in your trophy case? In a recent blog post, I introduced the idea that the photos you include in your listing presentation are like trophies in a trophy case. They’re evidence of your “wins.” They help you tell your success stories and demonstrate to your prospects why you’re the best agent for them.

In another post, I told you about a top-selling agent who does just what I’m describing. She uses beautiful, professional photography by Mediamax in her presentations and they help her win listings. In other words, she does more than talk about how she markets homes, she shows the level of quality and professionalism she provides. She’s got the photos – the trophies, if you like – to prove it.

When Mediamax does your real estate photography, you get more than just beautiful, professional images to market your listings with today. You also get something you can win new listings with tomorrow.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new video we just produced. Here’s another terrific way for you to show your prospects your marketing expertise. Download it here for free.

In just over a minute, our new video showcases all the ways we help you market your listings with beautiful, professional photography and video. It’s fast-paced. It’s compelling. Credit Supervising Producer Emily Langner for coming up with a way to pack all the many services we offer into one super watchable – and useful – video.

Add our new video to your listing presentation to win new business.

Show your prospects you’re backed by a team of top photographers and videographers. Show them you work only with the best. Put our video in your “trophy case” to show you can market their home the way it should be marketed.

At Mediamax, we want to help you succeed. Use our new video in your listing presentation. Use it to win new business. It’s free. Download it now.