11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tours

11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tour

Your virtual tour could be working harder for you.  As nice as it would be to just “set it and forget it,” if you’re not using it, it might as well be lying around in cyberspace eating bonbons for all the good it’s doing you.

Whether you’re a realtor promoting your listings through Obeo or a business owner promoting your establishment through Google,  here are 11 ways to get more out of your virtual tours:

1)      Use the still photos included with your tour. Use them on your website, in email, in printed materials; post them on social media; use them anywhere and everywhere you need photos.

2)      Embed your tour on your website. Don’t make people click and click. Put your tour on your site where visitors can easily find them.

3)      Link to your tour on social media. Facebook is only the tip of the iceberg here. Don’t forget LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, etc.

4)      Realtors can easily convert Obeo tours into Youtube videos. Click here for details.

5)      Blog about your tour. If it’s new, it counts as news.

6)      Tweet about it.

7)      Businesses: even when your tour isn’t new anymore, you can still remind people about it and encourage them to share it.

8)      Include your tour in your eNewsletters. It’s handy filler and also useful boilerplate. Even when it’s been out there a while, many of your customers may not have seen it. Repetition is key, so feel free to repeat!

9)      Realtors: it’s easy to create “eFlyers” using your Obeo tours. For instance, include eFlyers in your email drip campaigns. Click here for the “how to”.

10)   Include your tour in all communications to new customers. Anytime somebody asks you about your business, offer to show them. Introduce who you are or reinforce your message by allowing them to “see inside.”

11)   Realtors: include tours and other still photos in your listing presentation to win new clients.

For more ideas about how to put virtual tours to work for you or to order your virtual tour by Mediamax, contact us today.