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The internet has become an important resource for home buyers and sellers who are more educated and prepared than they have ever been.  While they still understand the value of having a licensed real estate professional guide them, they come to the table with more information, and in turn higher expectations.

So how do you prepare for this new age of buyers and sellers who always do their homework?

First, you want to make sure you have what they are looking for. They won’t just be looking for any real estate agent (especially when some of them are pretty darn sure they know enough to sell their own house), so you want to make sure you are really using your own online resources to catch their attention. Make sure your website and social media platforms are up to date and reflect the qualities you feel put you above the competition. Be sure to put your testimonials front and center (you can’t have too many comments from past clients giving you rave reviews). An updated website also gives people the confidence to know you are a professional and committed to representing them professionally.

Second, the content on your website should reflect the lengths you go to when marketing their home, and your commitment to getting it sold at the highest price possible. This starts with professional photography. We’ve said many times that you should be using your professional photos and marketing materials as a way to show prospective clients that you never skimp on marketing, and it is especially important now. So the amazing twilight or aerial photo you had taken on a previous listing should be front and center on your website. Prospective clients will take note and feel confident you’ve got their interests in mind.

Photo by Mediamax Photographer Ben Nelson

Most importantly, remember to engage prospective clients and acknowledge the time they’ve spent educating themselves. They have alot invested in this major step in their lives, and you want them to be confident that you are the professional who is going to get them there.

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