Dale Honning

Dale writes, “I have been a photographer, of sorts, since I was a kid and have always been amazed at what happened when you clicked the shutter. Starting with a makeshift darkroom set up by my dad on the back porch of our apartment, we developed and printed black-and-white images that were truly amazing. Today working in a totally digital world, the amazement is the same and the quest for quality imagery has never been stronger.”

Dale has worked as a professional photographer since 2001, with the main focus of providing the visual tools to help others promote their products and market themselves. He’s always in search of emerging technologies, working through the advent of digital photography, the QR code, virtual tours and using remote controlled drones for an unparalleled aerial view of properties. He’s eager to bring the best of the best to his field.

He applies his past experiences, “State of the Art” equipment and techniques to make his clients’ projects stand out and motivate those who see it to action.