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What’s Wrong With This Picture? How to Avoid the Tragedy of Bad Real Estate Photos

This is the tragedy of bad real estate photography: it doesn’t have to happen. As I continue my occasional series of bad photos I found on, here’s an example of something that’s not horrible but could have been so much better. You see right away, I’m sure, that this photo is too dark and […]

Colleen Teitelbaum: Pro Photos Prove Your Value as a Realtor

Photo by Mark May for Colleen Teitelbaum Coldwell Banker DTC

Do you prove your value as a realtor to your sellers? Colleen Teitelbaum, associate broker with Coldwell Banker/Southeast Metro at DTC, says there’s a simple reason why it’s important. If the house sells the first day on the market and you’ve done nothing, she says, “they’re going to say, what do I need you for?” […]

Realtor Sandy Mazarakis: “He Helps Sell the House”

Mediamax's John Koliopoulos for Realtor Sandy Mazarakis

Does the photographer really make a difference in the sale? Sandy Mazarakis, with LemonLime Group/Your Castle Real Estate, certainly feels that way about Senior Photographer John Koliopoulos. “I do think he’s exceptional,” she says. “He helps sell the house.” Her listing in the Harkness Heights neighborhood in west Denver offers a great example. Built in […]

Want to Please Your Sellers? Do What Kathleen Spano Did

One of the easiest ways to please your sellers is to showcase their home with great photos by Mediamax. Here’s what Kathleen Spano’s sellers said recently about one of our master photographers: “Melissa Jo Stoffle is a gifted artist, as well as professional. Exceptional use of light and angle. Thank you for making her part […]

How Steve and Lorri Hose Got Above-and-Beyond Customer Service

Master Photographer Andy Gould was scheduled to shoot a high-end home for Steve and Lorri Hose, broker associates with Your Castle Premier, Lakewood. But when he arrived, the cleaning crew was still at work. The house wasn’t ready. “It wasn’t like Andy could walk right in and start shooting,” Steve says. But it didn’t phase […]