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Guest Blog: Obeo’s Marci James Offers 11 Reasons to Hire a Pro

11 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Why have a professional photographer take your listing photos? Marci James, Obeo’s director of marketing, offers 11 compelling reasons: More online views. According to a study done by Redfin, listings featuring DSLR professional photography receive 61% more online views. Better first impressions. For 95% of online shoppers, the first thing they look at is your listing’s […]

Meet Jon Eady, a Master of HDR Art and Technique

Jon Eady, Mediamax Senior Photographer

Jon Eady is one of our most experienced senior photographers, so when he says a shoot is “challenging” you sit up and take notice. Elaine Stucy, owner of Stucy Realty Co. in Castle Rock, recently called him in, as she so often does, to shoot a multimillion-dollar listing for her near Franktown. “HDR was really […]

How to excite buyers and get more from your hyper-local marketing

Denver's Sloan Lake by Nate Koerner

The marketing gurus tell you to go out and snap some pictures of your neighborhood and slap `em up on your website for an instant traffic boost. How come it’s not working? As Christina Etheridge, frequent Inman News contributor, puts it in her tell-it-like-it-is style: “While posting events and blather about local businesses is all […]

Something New is Happening on the Mediamax Website

New Look for the Mediamax Website

We’ve been doing a bit of a spring spruce up on the Mediamax website. Time to refresh and renew, blow out the cobwebs and rearrange the furniture, so to speak. Our main aim is to give you a more visual, easy-to-navigate experience. I hope you’ll explore and let me know what you think. Here’s a […]

For Award-Winner Erica Chouinard Mediamax Hits a Homerun

Erica Chouinard listing photo by Mediamax's Mark May

Here’s something you might not know about Erica Chouinard – she has this photo of a baseball diamond as the screensaver on her smartphone. “It is one of the best photos I’ve ever seen,” she says, describing herself as a “baseball nut.” But she didn’t find it in the AppStore. Mediamax Senior Photographer Mark May […]