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Do you have to be a script writer to do video?

Do you have to be a script writer?

Of all the obstacles to doing video, the stickiest probably is script writing. Even when you realize video doesn’t cost as much as you think, even when you discover being on camera is more fun than you ever imagined, writing the script can still seem daunting. But it shouldn’t. You don’t have to be a […]

11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tours

11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tour

Your virtual tour could be working harder for you.  As nice as it would be to just “set it and forget it,” if you’re not using it, it might as well be lying around in cyberspace eating bonbons for all the good it’s doing you. Whether you’re a realtor promoting your listings through Obeo or […]

Real Estate Photography Report Confirms Common Sense – Quality Pictures Sell Homes!

Do you really need a report to confirm what your common sense tells you is true?   Well, judging from the relatively low percentage of real estate listings that continue to go on the market with poor quality photos, I guess any reports that actually quantifies the impact of professional photography on sales are worth […]

To Show You’re in the Know, Go Hyper Local

Local realtor's website features virtual tour by Mediamax

“Consumers aren’t just looking for signs that you’re `in’ the business. They want to know you `know’ the business,” writes Jovan Hackley on the Trulia Pro Blog. One way to demonstrate what you know is with a pile of data. But numbers can only go so far in establishing your expertise. Even better is to […]

Mediamax Gives Roger Evans “Pictures That Pop”

Kitchen interior shot for one of Roger and Jeri Evans' listings.

You don’t have to explain the importance of “team” to Roger Evans. He and wife Jeri have been a powerhouse team in real estate since 1999. It’s no surprise he has praise for Mediamax’s “team of photographers.” “Every one of them we’ve used in the last 11 years has been outstanding and capable and give […]