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How to Put Your Obeo Tours on Your YouTube Channel

Put your Obeo tours on your personal YouTube channel.

In a previous post I showed you how easy it is to make your Obeo Tours into YouTube videos. This time, I want to show you how to automatically convert your tours into YouTube videos and put them on your personal YouTube Channel. Once again, it’s easy and it’s going to help you build traffic […]

Does Your Listing Presentation Have This Key Element?

What's the critical element even the best listing presentations could be missing?

Every realtor knows the listing presentation is where the rubber meets the road. Like all professionals in this business, I’m sure you know the presentation dos and don’ts. You do come prepared. You don’t come late. But is there something even the best presentation could be missing? Craig Proctor, a nationally known real estate coach, […]

Early Bird Jumps at Chance for Google Virtual Tour

Daniel Cofrades, co-owner of Early Bird Restaurant, describes himself as a risk taker. He skydives, skis, you name it. And he starts new restaurants. He’s lived and worked around the world. He speaks three languages. A trained chef, who started out studying architecture, he’s also worked in product development. So, how did he end up […]

Are you missing the huge opportunities video offers?

Video is the next new wave. Youtube is the most visited site on the Internet. If you’re not doing video, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. From the National Association of Realtors to leading consultants to bloggers on Activerain, everybody’s preaching at you about video. But where do you start? At Mediamax we’ve been […]

How to Email an Obeo Tour Using eFlyers

How to Email Your Obeo Tour as an eFlyer

Want to get more mileage out of your Obeo Homesite Tour? Wish there was a way you could send information about your tours with a simple email? It’s quick and easy with Obeo eFlyers. Announce a new listing. Send a tour to prospective buyers. You name it. Watch this video or use the step-by-step instructions […]